Womble 2018

Womble 2018 will take place at Spikewinter campsite in the Peak District over the weekend of the 6th, 7th and 8th July.  The estimated cost will be £65 for those taking part in activities, £20 for supporting staff and instructors.

The event aims to provide Explorers Scout, Young Leaders and Network Members with an opportunity to further their skills with the activity teams.  The activities are not run at a beginner level, so we would expect all those taking part to have done the activity before. If they haven’t please contact the team lead before booking. Womble is as much about increasing knowledge and skill of young people in a particular activity as it about the young people having a good time. It is also a chance for young people to get to know the activity teams and to demonstrate the social and fun aspect of leading activities.

The organisers expect each individual to be responsible for themselves and would ask that leaders ensure that those in attendance are of a suitable level.  As a minimum we would set the following standards;

  • They are able to pitch their own tents without intervention from leaders.   We would recommend that you build this into part of your programme.
  • They have assisted in the planning of the event, including booking themselves, arranging transport and understanding where they are going.
  • They want to be on the event for themselves and not just because their mates are there.
  • The individual is responsible for bringing the kit as defined on the kit lists.
  • The individual is responsible for their own behaviour and resulting consequences.
  • Everyone on the event is given a job, they are expected to do it without being asked again.

The number of people that we can take on Womble is limited by the number of instructors with the relevant permits that we have.   This means that some people may not be able to attend the event.

Only a completed booking form and full payment will secure a place on the event.  Contact Steve Pope for a booking form or more information.

Many within the Scout Association have Additional Needs and it is important that Womble provides opportunities for them as much as it does for anyone else.  Working with such members can make for a challenging, but very rewarding, session for all involved.

To avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment we ask that people are open with us regarding their needs and we can then cater for them accordingly

We will in 2018 look to offer Climbing, Caving, Mountain Biking, Walking, Canoeing.