Silhouette of a man caving

The Forest of Dean area has both a considerable number of caves as well as old mines. On the Saturday plan will be to visit one of the larger caves in the area probably either Miss graces Lane or Wet Sink. Whilst the former is dry the latter as the name suggests is wet and is described as a fine sporting trip. The term sporting in the caving world has a totally different meaning to the Oxford English dictionary definition and it’s something along the lines of S**t that was scary (but fun). Both caves have a big entrance shaft something in excess of 30 m of vertical climb down nice easy fixed ladders.

On Sunday there will be a shorter trip into Wigpool iron mine which is famed for swallowing scouts (and explorers) and not letting them go for days because they get lost. We will go in one entrance and come out of another. You will emerge from this trip looking a bit like Tango man slightly orange and with clothing permanently stained by the ochre (hydrated iron oxide for chemists amongst you). There are some fine cave formations to see as well as etc. No vertical pitches other than a short free climb.

Maximum places: 15 places

Kit List

Don’t expect it to come out clean!

  • Waterproof top and bottoms
  • Wellington boots
  • Warm bottoms (not jeans
  • Rubber gloves (washing up type)
  • Bin Bag for dirty clothes
  • A warm dry complete change of clothes to get changed into afterwards.