Silhouette of a man climbingAfter learning how to rig the crag you’ll spend the day climbing and abseiling using a series of advanced techniques. You’ll learn: rope rescue, rigging, and have the option to climb over hangs and harder routes than normal. So climbing knowledge is needed, along with suitable clothes.

Maximum places: 20 places

Kit List

Please bring waterproof top and bottoms, summer clothing & warm clothing, hats gloves etc as it might be hot or cold depending on the lovely UK weather. Ron hills can and should be worn, despite what Robin says! Also bring a rucksack, water bottle or flask (not hip flask). You will need boots to walk to the crag in and shoes suitable to climb in. Shorts can be worn but you risk scratching your legs. If you do have long hair, make sure you have hair bands or something to keep it tied up out of the way. You are welcome to bring your own helmet, harness or any other climbing kit but it will be checked by the instructors prior to you being allowed to use it. We won’t be near to any public services, like a loo, so be prepared! Finally, if you do bring iPods, mobiles or anything similar, that is your choice and your responsibility if they are lost or damaged. Any questions, contact me

Cheers, Roger Bennett (Your friendly Climbing Advisor)