Who’s Who?

We’ve got some of the best brains in the county working on Womble.


Is the most important person on the event, he cooks, cleans and sorts stuff out. We’re not sure when he goes to sleep as is the last man standing and normally wakes us all up.   When not skippering for Scouts off shore John enjoys fixing stuff with big spanners and a hammer.

Dave (Troopie) ; Canoeing

In a desperate attempt not to win the AotWW award Andy Parker has asked Dave to head up the canoeing this year.   Dave lives in a van and played the symbol in Donisthorpe Scout band.  He also used to be in 1990’s mega band Right Said Fred.

Pete ; Climbing

Like all climbers Pete can often be sat at the bottom of a crag looking up at it.    He wears those sticky shoes and will insist on three points of contact at all points in time.  He can also ties bowline one handed behind his back with his eyes closed.

Alan ; Mountain Biking

Despite being short a Alan is able to keep up with the Explorers and Scouts on his Isla bike.   Now that he’s taken the stabilisers off as well he’s getting even better and will be able to ride on the road rather than the pavement soon.

Steve Cole ; ????

No one knows what he does apart from telling us stories about what he did in the war.

Robin ; Caving

Causes confusion on the event,  but that’s what makes if fun.  Apparently he does still cave,  but normally on Sunday morning doesn’t want to put his wet kit back on.  While at university he poured 5 litres of washing up liquid into the fountain at town hall in Leicester.

Steve Pope ; Caving

Steve makes sure that Womble runs smoothly,  he deals with the bookings and accounts.  If he says we can’t afford it it doesn’t happen.     He’ll also be instructing caving during the weekend.